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Well-Being with Yoga

Breathe. Sweat. Relax. Heal.

Rock Balancing


Do you feel tired, lack of energy, motivation?
Yoga, helps with energy, moods, increase focus, flexibility and helps to manage stress. Give it ago and feel yourself the benefits of the wonderful practice of Yoga.

Online Classes via Zoom

Beginners -Gentle Yoga Class

Saturday  •  1Hr  •  09:30am BST

Power/Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sunday  •  1Hr  •  09:30am BST

Couple Meditating

Yoga and Corporate Well-being

Work can be very often stressful, specially with this new ways of working. Most of us are going through  different challenges. This is the right time for employers to focus on workforce to create awareness and encourage everyone to dedicate some time to Practice Yoga to motivate and focus on work life balance.

Child's Pose

 Private Yoga

1-2-1 yoga class

Small groups

Meditating on the Beach
Dandelion Leaves

I want these classes to be accessible and welcoming for everyone!

These classes are run on a donation basis. Please fell free to contribute by donating any amount that is comfortable for you. 

You can donate by using PayPal  or directly to my bank account. I will share my back account via email.


Health is wealth.
Peace of mind is happiness.
Yoga shows the way.

Swami Vishnu-devananda 1927-1993

Yoga on Beach

About Me

 Inner peace

Hi, I am Rosalinda and I want to make the practice of Yoga accessible, enjoyable, and an integral part of people's lives.

I started practicing Yoga as physical exercise in 2011, slowly I realised the impact and importance of breathing and meditation. Yoga became even more meaningful during my cancer journey treatment in 2015.

In 2016 I completed 200hrs Yoga teaching training in Bali with Sadhana Yoga School. I have embraced Yin Yoga by studying with Rise and Shine Yoga School in 2017.

I have been teaching Yoga since 2016. With Yoga I feel more balanced and connected with my body and mind.

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What a wonderful experience enjoying yoga with a small group of family and/or friends in your own home! 

We really enjoyed your yoga session- It was perfect fo all of us-even the 7 year old. The pace was tailored


I have been following Rosalinda's journey since she started her teaching. She's a fantastic yoga instructor, i thoroughly recommend her classes to everyone. If you want a workout and at the end the class feel recharged, restored and relaxed, this is the class for you. Thank you Rosalinda

Helena Griffith

 Hi to all! I wish that everyone could pass for this experience! Rosalinda makes us sweat! Make us breath! Make us believe in your body linked with your selfs! You killed today but the most important thing in my life the smile that I have when I finish the sessions! Thank you!

Carla Carmo

It's a amazing to see the transformation that yoga can provide to people. 
Thank you Rosalinda for sharing your passion; to give the opportunity to everyone to consciously live their propose and express their truth.


Catarina Fernandes

That was lovely thank you. great way to start a Sunday.
That was so fabulous. Really valued your teaching and sharing. Have a beautiful week x

Jules Allan

Thanks so much for the session, I feel very refreshed and ready to face the day. I hope everyone has an amazing day too! I'll be practicing the holds.

 Alice Lamparelli

Thank you for beautiful session🙏🙏🙏

Elizabeth Uter

Feeling strong 💪 thanks

Jennifer Seed


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