Wild Flowers

Private Yoga


1-2-1 Yoga Class

Personalise your yoga practice according to your needs.

Increase your knowledge of yoga, feel more connected to your breath and body.

Small Groups

How about having a yoga session on a   birthday, hen party or special celebration?

This is a great way to share the love of yoga with your special ones.


What a wonderful experience enjoying yoga with a small group of family and/or friends in your own home! 

We really enjoyed your yoga session- It was perfect fo all of us-even the 7 year old. The pace was tailored


I have been following Rosalinda's journey since she started her teaching. She's a fantastic yoga instructor, i thoroughly recommend her classes to everyone. If you want a workout and at the end the class feel recharged, restored and relaxed, this is the class for you. Thank you Rosalinda

Helena Griffith

 Hi to all! I wish that everyone could pass for this experience! Rosalinda makes us sweat! Make us breath! Make us believe in your body linked with your selfs! You killed today but the most important thing in my life the smile that I have when I finish the sessions! Thank you!

Carla Carmo

It's a amazing to see the transformation that yoga can provide to people. 
Thank you Rosalinda for sharing your passion; to give the opportunity to everyone to consciously live their propose and express their truth.


Catarina Fernandes