The means to liberation

Yoga in the union between a group of physical, mental and spirituals practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.

Doing Yoga includes breath control,  body postures and meditation.



The air that goes in and out of our lungs.

As we breath, so we fell, an in breathing more freely and fully, we fell more freely and more fully.

Breathing is the process that brings oxygen in the air into your lungs and moves oxygen and through your body. The better we breath, the more benefits the body receives.

Conscious breathing and practicing

breathing  techniques enhances respiratory function, improves the circulatory system, increase focus and relaxation.

In yoga we move gracefully from one posture to another with our breath.



"Been present in one's body- inhabiting, existing and living in it"

Through yoga practice, we move our bodies from one posture (asana) to another, cultivating steadiness, ease and presence of mind, breath by breath.


Mind and Meditation

Meditation is concentrated awarenes

Meditation is the quality of the mind and the heart. 

As the body needs washing, feeding and medicating, the mind also needs the same things. 

Wash the mind through calm meditation.

The ultimate aim of meditation is to train the mind and to use it effectively and efficiently in your life.Even though meditation is a difficult task positives benefits are obtain straight away.

If you are a busy or worried person, have lack of self confidence, have an addition, suffer from certain disorders, meditation can help you find peace of mind, develop strength and inner contentment.

If you are a wise person, meditation will lead to supreme wisdom. Then you will see things as they are , and not as they appear to be.

Wild Flowers

Yoga Benefits

Physical and Mental

Pilates Stretches

The Physical Benefits

Relax, Energise and Renew

Suitable for everyone: Young, old, male, female..
Creates energy and improves stamina, fitness and concentration.
Improves awareness of the body
Keeps the body flexible so energy flows freely.
Work on internal organs and the endocrine system, and regulates metabolism.
Improves posture, Helps reduce excess
Improves circulation.
Postures provide a full, balanced range of motion.

Reaching Out to the Sun

The Mental Benefits

Mental hygiene

Calms and discipline the mind.
Improves concentration ad counteracts stress.
Gives control over emotions, particularly anger.
Creates a flexible mind where energy flows freely.
Promotes a positive, happy attitude.


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  • Meditation The Only Way by k. Sri Dhammananda

  • Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens